P 90s!

Just got my 602 model with the P-90’s.  Holy moley, this thing is great. I saw the demo video on Youtube and that sort of convinced me. I wanted the red but that was sold out – darn – but got the vintage sunburst, and I think now that is even better.

The guitar feels and looks top knotch. The wood grains show right thru and the tuners are surprisingly responsive. I had ready a really positive review of this on Harmony Central which game some confidence. I think the coolest part is showing it to my friends. No one can believe I paid well below $200 for this baby.

I really hope Davison keeps making these and other models like it. It is excellent to have a low cost alternative. I feel like I am paying for a guitar, not just some name. There is obviously a reason people are buying these in droves. It is hard to imagine a better guitar at this price.

Bill in Spring Lake, IA


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