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There a million great reviews out there about Davison Guitars and this will be one more, but maybe a little different. I own a couple of their models. A double neck, a V and then bought one of the Jameson/Davison banjos just for kicks. But then my son started showing an interest in guitar and rather than let him inevitably scratch or dent or do something horrible to one of my guitars, I decided to buy him a starter guitar package. And of course I immediately thought of Davison.

Turns out they have a guitar package on Amazon that is remarkably cheap (less than $100) that includes a full scale 39″ guitar, an amp with cable and a bunch of extras like strap, picks and so on. As usual, the guitar arrived quickly and looks great. Even better, it played great right out of the box. The biggest concern with a starter guitar is that if it does not play right, a new youngster may not know that and then give up on playing. But Davison, as always, set the guitar in perfect playable condition. Now he is playing more than I do, which is great. And when his buddy wanted a starter bass, guess who we bought one from — Davison. And that was excellent too. So I guess what I am saying is if you are looking for quality instruments at cheap prices, buy a Davison

Chris P

Highland IN


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