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Like other reviews I have read when researching Davison guitars, I was really amazed at how good these guitars are for the price. I did a ton of research and read everything I could find on them. The basic theme of those reviews was that you would not find a better guitar for the price. And that is 100 percent true.

I ordered the blue model. It looked wonderful in the pictures, but of course I was leary until it arrived. First, when ordering online, you have to be really concerned about shipping and packing. Especially with guitars, and even more so with set neck guitars. I could tell right away the company I ordered from (Musicians Discount Warehouse) knew exactly what they were doing. It was packed perfectly.

So it arrived in perfect condition, the next step was to check out the set up. It was spot on for most players. No buzz, not neck issues. Perfect. I normally expect to adjust a guitar when I get it and that is actually normal — things happen with temperature etc. during shipment. But this one at least was perfect.

I tuned it up and plugged it and it was all good. I some people replace the stock pickups to their pickups of choice, but for now I am very happy with the guitar as it came and am going to just leave this as is and rock it!

Danny in Laton UT


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