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Cherryburst Single Cutaway

I bought the Davison 9880 in Cherryburst with chrome hardware based on the reviews I had read about not just this model, but of several of the Davison guitars. I was knocked out by the price and photos online, but even more impressed when the guitar showed up at my door! It really is hard to believe a paid under $150.00 for a guitar with a set maple neck. Not only that, the top was beautiful and I did not realize that the inlays on the neck would stand out the way they did. I brought it to a practice and needless to say the band actually did not believe me when I told them what I paid for the guitar. I already order the 9212 in white with the gold hardware and will be back for more. Just wanted to say thanks for offering such great guitars at a price I can afford.'

Marty W.

Branson, MO


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